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Often we forget to take care of our lips and it becomes dry, pale, smaller and flakiness can occur. So here you have a short video that will show you “How to hydrate and plump the lips within 5 minutes”. Especially that dry, dehydrated lips does not only look great, but also the WRINKLES occurs much faster around your lip area.

ADVICE from Gosia :

Do this treatment up to 3 times a week and also don’t forget to go over around the lip area :)!

Perfect Mask After Halloween - natural skincare treatment at home:)!

Halloween is an amazing night of fun! Dressing up, makeup, crazy masks, hair up do's and lots of CANDYS.  Absolutely looove it! BUT with that comes a price, your skin goes to a major coma!  So, trick and treat your skin after the big night right away with the mask. Why??

Face masks are super important treatments that you should do at home at least once a week!  Healthy skin cells replace itself naturally every 28 days. As we age the renewal cycle slows down, which means dead skin cells sit on surface of the skin and:

*the skin looks dull & lifeless
* clogged pores, breakouts, wrinkles are creating
* also the skin doesn't absorb properly nutrients from the products you put on.

So, regular mask treatments are the key to have healthy, beautiful and radiant complexion. Especially after the big night of makeup and candy.    
By rejuvenating the skin with masks you can:

*take off dead skin cells ( enzyme masks) 
*you can re-energize the skin (stimulating masks )
*you can detox the skin ( with purifying masks)
*you can nourish the skin (hydrating and vitamin rich masks)
*you can plump the skin (collagen/hyaluronic acid masks)
*you can balance and brighten the skin 

Also the masks are packed with nutrients and they amazingly can push those nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin to help wake up lazy skin cells. The skin after a good mask feels restored and is ready to absorb even more nutritious content from the serums and cream you put on :).

So, my advice to you is, PUT ON THE MASK not only during Halloween, but make it as your homecare ritual at least once a week!                      
Be Frighteningly Beautiful Always!

Pumpkin Mask 1.jpg

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Dry Feet???

 This natural body butter is the perfect remedy for dry feet and hands. 

This natural body butter is the perfect remedy for dry feet and hands. 

Often times our feet are very hard to take care of, especially our soles. They are very dry, rough and the skin might be peeling off! We typically do not know what to do to bring the softness and glow-y appearance back.

I promise you... It is possible to make your dry feet well nourished again. But, since they do not have sebaceous glands, our feet don’t have a natural supply of nourishment which means you have to go the extra mile to make them beautiful.


Feet So Soft Ritual:

  1. Exfoliate with this recipe: *Handful of Dead sea salt, *1 Tsp. of Cinnamon, *1 Tbs Raw Honey *3 Tbs of Olive Oil *2 Tbs Lemon Juice. Mix the last 3 ingredients together first, then add the dry ingredients in.

  2. Massage onto your dry feet. For extra softness you can wrap plastic foil around your feet. Leave on for 15-30 min.

  3. Wash with lukewarm water.

  4. For the finishing touch, massage with B.You Essentials Rescue Me Body Butter.


The story behind Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C + E


I received a text message from my client Alex and I was inclined to share it with you!

Alex: Hi Margaret, Dr Oz said that one of the 2 most effective anti-aging ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, is that true?

Margaret: Yes, it it is true!

As a matter of fact, good products with Vitamin C should also have Vitamin E in it as Vitamin C oxidizes quickly. Vitamin E supports and helps stabilize Vitamin C. I explained to her the benefits of the ingredients and I said that I can make a special concoction for her skin. Right away she replied, YES, I WANT IT!!! :-)

A few days passed and I made the first version of Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C & E. I have to say, it was an amazing product - love from the first trial! But, there was a bit of a weird smell….  I am not usually sensitive to smell, so I was perfectly fine with it. Products that are this natural don’t always have the most divine scent.

On the other hand, Alex is very sensitive to smell, which I wasn’t aware of. After some time of using this treatment she told how much she LOVES the serum, simply because of the results!

Alex: I just figure I can run around the house and fan my face with my palms, so I don’t smell it…

LOL I thought that was just bizarre!

Thankfully after few trials I perfected the recipe. The smell is fresh & clean and of course the results are tremendous - It is now my #1 seller!! THANK YOU Alex!!!!!

Every ingredient has its own purpose, and to get the most out of it I believe that the final composition of a product needs to compliment each other and work together. The tricky part is that everything happens in the dermis, which is the life layer of connective tissues below the epidermis.

The life layer supports structure and nourishes the lower epidermis.  It supplies the skin with oxygen and nutrients. Also it contains fibroblast cells that aid in a production of collagen, which gives skin its strength; and elastin, fibrous protein that gives skin its elasticity. When elastin fibers are damaged, they start to break down and this results in sagging, wrinkling and aging skin.

In conclusion, the dermal layer is the one that needs to get the right ingredients to start its work and this is not easy to do. Most creams, serums, lotions and other products cannot penetrate that deep, but if they do, there is always something extra with it – chemicals.  B.You skincare products are handmade and ingredients being used are all selected with special attention to its purpose and benefits. They are natural, organic, cruelty free and/or vegan.

Essential oils have very small molecules that are able to penetrate to the dermis. Plus, their molecules are always changing so your skin won’t get used to it and will each time respond to their wonderful properties. Vegetable oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and more. Each one of them is different and works differently and some of them have the ability to help deliver its goodies even deeper. That’s why your skin will fall in love with B.You skincare line! :)

B.You products are different.

First of all, I not only mix one or two ingredients, but as many as needed to deliver inside the skin and show it off outside the skin in a natural way without any extra unknown surprises.  

Second of all, when you look at the label you will find the full potential that nature has to offer, as opposed to other companies that use very little of it plus a long list of.. who knows what?

...And That's Why B.You Is Important

From My Client Diary:

Today on the way to the store, the thought of finally having great results and beautiful youthful skin after this little miracle serum that I massage onto my skin makes me eager to buy it even more. Once I am ready to choose the right serum for myself I see so many of those little bottles with droppers and cute little ampules and the fast thought running through my head of how I am going to choose the right one doesn’t seem to stop… Well, taking deep breath’s while reading labels with different names, content and claim what it’s supposed to do.  I notice that there are also different consistencies:  gel, emulsions and oils. Yikes, I did not expect that ;), but I won’t give up, I know that I really, really  want healthy and radiant skin that will make everyone  wonder what is my secret :)... With my best smile I ask the gorgeous lady if I can try them and if she might possibly know which ones are the most popular? My excitement is raising up again as there is only a couple of products left to choose from that make me closer to finding the perfect one. So I try them on my hand and notice the reaction to my skin ( it is light, absorbs quickly which I like, but it leaves my skin tight which makes me feel uncomfortable… hmmm, let’s try the next one. The consistency leaves a film on my skin that I don’t really like. Next ,I feel  an interesting sensation that kind of tingles. It’s probably too strong for me, I thought. I asked for the next one, the consistency is light and absorbs quickly, my skin feels smooth and finally it has the glow I am looking for- wow this has to be it and the content of Vitamin C and Retinol is the best choice so I am taking it !!!


Three days later…

I woke up in the morning and as I was heading to the bathroom I noticed my skin feeling extremely tight. I look in the mirror and see red spots and flakiness. OMG!!! What did I do to myself!!! The whole entire house woke up an hour too early because of my scream. Within second I see them all standing in doorway asking me what happened. Well, what could I say, nothing I had a bad dream… lol. As they all headed back to their bed I grabbed the little miracle serum and carefully re-read the directions on the label to see if there was anything I missed. I couldn’t find anything. I massaged the serum onto clean skin. Hmmm, I did everything I was supposed to do. Ahh, on the bright side at least the bottle was cute, so I placed it in my collection of products that i can’t use (hopefully my husband won't notice it expanding). ;P


Do you have a scary skin story to tell? Share it in the comments below and I will give you my professional solution for this story next week... as well as your own!

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Healthy skin replaces itself naturally every 28 days. As we age the renewal cycle slows down, which means dead skin cells sit on surface of the skin and:

* clog the pores

* make the skin look dull & lifeless

* also the skin doesn't absorb properly nutrients from the products you put on.


Regular exfoliation is the key to having healthy, beautiful and radiant skin & complexion. By removing the old and the not so much wanted dead skin cells, you re-energize the skin, so it is more supple and radiant. Also, it absorbs the nutritious content of serums and creams you put on! :)

Face brushing is a very effective method. It is stronger than regular exfoliants/peelings and here are my recommendations:

* Face brush once a week for more resilient skin types

* Face brush once every two weeks for normal skin

* Please, do not try it if your skin is sensitive, or if you are on a Roaccutane or Retin-A. There are other options!


Wash your face and gently pat dry with towel. Your skin has to be dry in order to make this treatment work.

Remember to use gentle strokes, especially when doing this treatment for the first time, as your skin has to get used to this type of exfoliation. Do about 3 strokes in one part and move on to the next one. Once you finish, spray with soothing toner and put on your favorite moisturizer.

Check out the store, we have amazing products!

Say "ME" if you often sleep with your makeup on! ME ME ME!

I do! Sometimes we get lazy, and sometimes we think we might meet someone in our dreams ;). But, how big of a deal is it really? This question constantly comes up in my treatment room. Let me tell you what happens:

*Our skin regenerates at night and if you do not wash your makeup off, it sits in your pores, creating plugs that become pimples. 

*The cells cannot properly repair itself because they are busy fighting off accumulated dirt and toxins from the day, which makes your skin look dull, old and lifeless…:(

There is a simple solution:
Wash your face and put on a nourishment, so that while you rest your skin can regenerate itself :)!

B. You can provide the PERFECT cleanser:
*B.You Soft Cleansing Milk with Camomile - dry and sensitive skin or
*B.You Deep Cleansing Gel with Frankincense - combination, chaotic, oily skin

Both products gently remove dirt and makeup without stripping off the skin from its natural protective barrier!

Lavender Mist Benefits Go Beyond Your Expectations!


Lavender Mist is just irresistible. Its divine aroma brings serenity to my mind, body and soul. I literally use it on everything, from antibacterial purposes, stress relief and to beautify myself. (Thumbs up for me lol)!

My 6 year old daughter Olivia has her own in a backpack. She uses it at school to naturally sanitize her hands or when she has an itch from a mosquito bite - lol she gets them a lot, since she is a tomboy girl. ;)

Once upon a time my friend felt icky about using my products and he smiled at me when my answer to his little skin irritation was to spray Lavender Mist on it. Now? This is his go-to product for mosquito bites or after shave!! Haha, women power always wins! ;)

It really is an amazing product to have around that’s why I want to share with you. Below I will list its benefits and different uses, but before that I want you to know that lavender also helps to change your skin structure for the better. So, when you use Lavender Mist in conjunction with your serum and/or cream, your skin can better absorb the nutrients from them. Sounds cool doesn’t it? :) I love that too!

Read all about its different uses that can benefit you and your family here:

  • Prevents mosquito bites

  • Astringent and anti-inflammatory purposes

  • It removes excess oil and dirt without drying out your skin

  • Face toner and refresher

  • Helps acne prone skin

  • Great for setting up make-up

  • Very soothing for irritated and itchy skin, eczema or psoriasis

  • To untangle you or your childs hair, just spray on damp hair from about 8" away so that you don't mist it too much as it may leave them greasy

  • To smooth your hair and give it a healthy shine

  • Helps sooth discomfort due to burns (also sunburn) when used right away

  • Mosquito and bug bites: relieves itchiness and disinfect due to lavender and witch hazel action

  • For a restful sleep spray on your child’s, your partner’s and/or your own pillow

  • Wonderful product to use as after-shaving (legs, underarms....) especially if your skin gets easily irritated!

How can your commitment to home skin care rituals and treatment protocols change your skin problems and boost your confidence?

 October 10th, 2015

October 10th, 2015

 Februrary 12th, 2016

Februrary 12th, 2016

 June 7th, 2016

June 7th, 2016

Maya is a 16 year old girl, who came to me on October 10th 2015 for the first time.

She was very shy and not talkative at all. I remember her hair was covering her face, you could barely see her.

I began examining her skin. There was a lot of pustule, cystic acne, inflammation, scarring, large pores, oily but dehydrated skin and on top of that, a thick layer of dead skin cells.

We started off with a series of combination treatments and a home skin care protocol right away.

She came every week for the first 6 weeks, then every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks and now I am very happy to say that Maya comes every 4-5 weeks :) wooohooo!

Her commitment to the protocol and desire for healthy and beautiful skin made a tremendous difference, not only on her skin, but on her confidence and personality that started to come out and sparkle. Her face is not covered with her hair anymore, trust me you can see her beautiful eyes and amazing smile.

I remember those days when her mom asked me if her skin would ever heal, and the day she came and hugged me. I could feel so much love and appreciation, my heart just melted from happiness… That was on March 12th 2016, that’s right, I do remember those special days! :) I am so thankful for their trust in me and my skin care products B.You. Thank You Krysia & Maya. <3

Maya’s home SKIN care ritual AM:

Deep Cleansing Gel with Frankincense - B.You

Vit.B3 Oil Reducing Serum - B.You

Calendula Soothing Cream - B.You

SPF 45

Maya's homE SKIN care ritual PM:

Deep Cleansing Gel with Frankincense - B.You

Manuka Face Exfoliant - 2x a week - B.You

Nighttime Recovery Serum - B.You

Calendula Soothing Cream - B.You

Acne Remedy - B.You

I customized different treatments for Maya everytime she came.

Here is the list of them:

Signature Deep Cleansing Facial, dermafile, enzyme masks, oxygen treatment, and when her skin was finally ready we did Dermapen :) 

Everything we did was customized from natural and organic ingredients like essential oils, plant oils, clays, enzymes, vitamins, herbs  and more….

Contact me directly if you’d like to have a consultation!

Shop my products HERE!

Light & Love,