B.You To The Rescue! Natural Skin Care Product - Remedy that Works!

Is your skin dry, itchy or constantly having a breakout of eczema or any kind of sensitivity? Well, I have a large amount of friends & clients that sadly go through these unpleasant stages, way too ofte, But I do have all natural skin care product that proved itself every time.

Just recently I received another message from my client with before and after pictures, thanking me for creating Rescue Me Body Butter!

She has two beautiful children; 8 years old and 10 months old. You can imagine how busy she must be :). At least all mommy’s can! Anyhow, her wrist and palms were in pain, so she decided to massage lavender and peppermint essential oils on her wrist and wrap them in plastic foil. She forgot to take it off and went to bed. When she woke up her wrist was all red and bumpy. Ouch! Thankfully she had Rescue Me Body Butter, natural skin care product that works overtime she needs it :). Within three days, most of the irritation was gone. I am extremely grateful to receive more and more of these kinds of stories. Thank you so much Yola, for letting me share your story with a bigger audience and trusting my products.

See the results below. It took only 3 days!!!!

 How natural skin care products can help with a rash. Before and after  Rescue Me Body Butter

How natural skin care products can help with a rash. Before and after Rescue Me Body Butter

Different use for Rescue Me Body Butter that may suite you and your family:

- Any irritation, dryness or sunburned skin on your face or body

- Dry feet and/or hands

- After shaving, razor bumps, ingrown hairs

- Wonderful for pregnant women

- Very soothing for itchy skin and stretch mark prevention during pregnancy

- Perfect for baby/child sensitive skin

- Natural skin care product for diaper rash

- Works beautifully as a massage butter once you warm it up with your palms

- Any burns that don’t show blood can be soothed with this butter when used right away

*There are so many more ways to use this exceptional product and please do share it with us!*


(Oct 6, 2016) Kas said: This is my favorite BeYou product! It ALWAYS rescues my skin! I started using it every night and have seen a big change in my skin.

(Sept 24, 2016) KASIA said: Rescue Me is the perfect name for this perfect Body Butter


(Aug 21, 2016) Zerina said: I have a funny story that led to me using this product...

I was trying to help my friend warm up some wax and I ended up spilling it on my hand on my way to give it to her! My hand was burning and I freaked out!!!

My friend cleaned it off me with essential oils to safely remove the wax then placed this body butter on my hand...

NO BURN MARKS & NO PAIN AFTER!! I'm very thankful :)