Lavender Mist Benefits Go Beyond Your Expectations!


Lavender Mist is just irresistible. Its divine aroma brings serenity to my mind, body and soul. I literally use it on everything, from antibacterial purposes, stress relief and to beautify myself. (Thumbs up for me lol)!

My 6 year old daughter Olivia has her own in a backpack. She uses it at school to naturally sanitize her hands or when she has an itch from a mosquito bite - lol she gets them a lot, since she is a tomboy girl. ;)

Once upon a time my friend felt icky about using my products and he smiled at me when my answer to his little skin irritation was to spray Lavender Mist on it. Now? This is his go-to product for mosquito bites or after shave!! Haha, women power always wins! ;)

It really is an amazing product to have around that’s why I want to share with you. Below I will list its benefits and different uses, but before that I want you to know that lavender also helps to change your skin structure for the better. So, when you use Lavender Mist in conjunction with your serum and/or cream, your skin can better absorb the nutrients from them. Sounds cool doesn’t it? :) I love that too!

Read all about its different uses that can benefit you and your family here:

  • Prevents mosquito bites

  • Astringent and anti-inflammatory purposes

  • It removes excess oil and dirt without drying out your skin

  • Face toner and refresher

  • Helps acne prone skin

  • Great for setting up make-up

  • Very soothing for irritated and itchy skin, eczema or psoriasis

  • To untangle you or your childs hair, just spray on damp hair from about 8" away so that you don't mist it too much as it may leave them greasy

  • To smooth your hair and give it a healthy shine

  • Helps sooth discomfort due to burns (also sunburn) when used right away

  • Mosquito and bug bites: relieves itchiness and disinfect due to lavender and witch hazel action

  • For a restful sleep spray on your child’s, your partner’s and/or your own pillow

  • Wonderful product to use as after-shaving (legs, underarms....) especially if your skin gets easily irritated!