Say "ME" if you often sleep with your makeup on! ME ME ME!

I do! Sometimes we get lazy, and sometimes we think we might meet someone in our dreams ;). But, how big of a deal is it really? This question constantly comes up in my treatment room. Let me tell you what happens:

*Our skin regenerates at night and if you do not wash your makeup off, it sits in your pores, creating plugs that become pimples. 

*The cells cannot properly repair itself because they are busy fighting off accumulated dirt and toxins from the day, which makes your skin look dull, old and lifeless…:(

There is a simple solution:
Wash your face and put on a nourishment, so that while you rest your skin can regenerate itself :)!

B. You can provide the PERFECT cleanser:
*B.You Soft Cleansing Milk with Camomile - dry and sensitive skin or
*B.You Deep Cleansing Gel with Frankincense - combination, chaotic, oily skin

Both products gently remove dirt and makeup without stripping off the skin from its natural protective barrier!