Healthy skin replaces itself naturally every 28 days. As we age the renewal cycle slows down, which means dead skin cells sit on surface of the skin and:

* clog the pores

* make the skin look dull & lifeless

* also the skin doesn't absorb properly nutrients from the products you put on.


Regular exfoliation is the key to having healthy, beautiful and radiant skin & complexion. By removing the old and the not so much wanted dead skin cells, you re-energize the skin, so it is more supple and radiant. Also, it absorbs the nutritious content of serums and creams you put on! :)

Face brushing is a very effective method. It is stronger than regular exfoliants/peelings and here are my recommendations:

* Face brush once a week for more resilient skin types

* Face brush once every two weeks for normal skin

* Please, do not try it if your skin is sensitive, or if you are on a Roaccutane or Retin-A. There are other options!


Wash your face and gently pat dry with towel. Your skin has to be dry in order to make this treatment work.

Remember to use gentle strokes, especially when doing this treatment for the first time, as your skin has to get used to this type of exfoliation. Do about 3 strokes in one part and move on to the next one. Once you finish, spray with soothing toner and put on your favorite moisturizer.

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