My Professional Solution (Refer to last weeks post!)

As we all look for the right, magical product that will help with our skin imperfections and of course the one that will preserve our beauty and youthful appearance, often times we get disappointed :/.

Serums are on the list of the most wanted skin care products, and have been since 1982 when Estee Lauder Company made a huge success bringing this miracle product to all women. It was “Night Repair’ serum that was supposed to regenerate skin cells during sleep. Since then, it’s popularity grew, its formulations expanded and it’s highly concentrated consistency is available for any skin type and condition.  Gel, emulsion or oil.. it doesn’t really make a difference in providing the results, but it does in your skin type or skin condition. There are so many types:

WOW, I can only imagine how you feel with so many skin types, conditions and on top of that the right ingredients and serums to choose from!!!

So ladies, let me help you to make it a little bit easier on you in terms of choosing the right serum and how to correctly use it:

Tip #1: Serum or Cream? Shocking news…BOTH!!

Serum works on deeper layers of the skin to rejuvenate the skin cells versus cream that nourishes the top layer of the skin. Remember, that even when directions don’t say to put on a cream after, be smart and do it. Your family will thank you for not waking them up bright and early ;).

Tip #2: There are two types of rituals that will help adequately treat your skin:

  1. Skin that is 20 years and up doesn’t usually need treatment with serums, but if there is a skin condition that has to be addressed, 3-6 week treatment with serum should be enough.

  2. Skin that is 35 and up needs more attention,  so serums should be used everyday or every other day.

Tip #3: Choosing the correct serum

Dry and dehydrated skin types always need moisture and vitamins. They are important for every skin type. Gel consistency is great, but to make sure it does the job, look for humectants in serums like glycerin or hyaluronic acid. They will help re-hydrate your skin and draw the vitamins inside. Don’t forget to put cream on top! :)

Combination and oily skin can actually benefit from gel and emulsion serums. Gel serums will provide hydration where emulsion (combination of water and oil) will give an extra boost of active ingredients and protection. It will work nicely as a nourishment and balancing treatment.

Oil serums work for any skin type, but you have to watch from what kind of oils this wonder serum is made. Also, it is better for cooler months as oils are occlusive ingredients. This means they trap the moisture inside the skin. They nourish, balance, and protect the skin. Massage 2-4 drops onto the skin as the last step in your skincare routine.

1st wash  -> 2nd serum -> 3rd cream or emulsion -> 4th oil

Tip #5

When looking for serum that is made from oil, don’t go with Argan or Coconut because someone said it’s good for everything and everybody. It is a common mistake that I see in my treatment room.

Dry, dehydrated sensitive skin needs oil like avocado, rosehip, calendula, blueberry, olive oil, etc...simply because they are heavier. Combination, oily skin needs something that is light, balancing and one that absorbs quickly like argan or coconut oils etc.

*please, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you’ll never be able to use the oils you would like. It is all about the amazing combination of these wonderful oils that nature gave us!*