Perfect Mask After Halloween - natural skincare treatment at home:)!

Halloween is an amazing night of fun! Dressing up, makeup, crazy masks, hair up do's and lots of CANDYS.  Absolutely looove it! BUT with that comes a price, your skin goes to a major coma!  So, trick and treat your skin after the big night right away with the mask. Why??

Face masks are super important treatments that you should do at home at least once a week!  Healthy skin cells replace itself naturally every 28 days. As we age the renewal cycle slows down, which means dead skin cells sit on surface of the skin and:

*the skin looks dull & lifeless
* clogged pores, breakouts, wrinkles are creating
* also the skin doesn't absorb properly nutrients from the products you put on.

So, regular mask treatments are the key to have healthy, beautiful and radiant complexion. Especially after the big night of makeup and candy.    
By rejuvenating the skin with masks you can:

*take off dead skin cells ( enzyme masks) 
*you can re-energize the skin (stimulating masks )
*you can detox the skin ( with purifying masks)
*you can nourish the skin (hydrating and vitamin rich masks)
*you can plump the skin (collagen/hyaluronic acid masks)
*you can balance and brighten the skin 

Also the masks are packed with nutrients and they amazingly can push those nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin to help wake up lazy skin cells. The skin after a good mask feels restored and is ready to absorb even more nutritious content from the serums and cream you put on :).

So, my advice to you is, PUT ON THE MASK not only during Halloween, but make it as your homecare ritual at least once a week!                      
Be Frighteningly Beautiful Always!

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