How Did You Hear About Us?

"This skin care product line has become very popular at Red & White Spa in a short period of time! Estheticians, therapists, and clients of all different skin types all love how well it's worked for them and how customized the treatments are for their needs. It's all handmade, natural and smells amazing with the use of different essential oils and high quality ingredients. Our favorite product is the Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C & E which helps all skin types rehydrate, bring back elasticity and youthfulness. It IS possible to get results by using natural products. I highly recommend this brand to any client or spa looking for a natural & professional alternative compared to other companies that may not be for everyone."

  - Red & White Spa, Soho NYC





Introducing skin care line.

B.You is a skin care line of all natural beauty products made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Using only the finest essential oils without the use of any synthetic products, parabens or chemicals. 

  • TO ERADICATE all imperfections on your skin 

  • TO PREVENT new imperfections & damage

  • TO MAINTAIN healthy, radiant & beautiful skin



B.You products give your skin all that it needs to stay beautiful and healthy without taxing it with harsh chemicals or sulfates. Use B.You products and know that you are giving your skin everything that it needs and nothing that it does not.