Goddess Essence


Goddess Essence


Great for any skin type.

This collagen boosting essence helps to restore overall health to the skin. It brings radiance, firmness and strengthen skin barrier function. Therapeutic blend of essential oils destress the complexion as well as the mind. Through this divine aroma you can connect to your inner Goddess. Let’s get glowing!


  • marine collagen

  • neroli hydrosol

  • frankincense essential oil

  • clary sage essential oil


Essence is a very light liquid, even lighter than a face serum. When essence is used in a daily skincare routine, it is always applied first after cleansing is done. Because it’s molecular structure is so lightweight it sinks beyond the surface of the skin right away to repair and strengthen the skin from the inside out.

Essential oils like frankincense, rose and clary sage rejuvenate the skin on deeper layers the skin and its divine aroma also affects limbic system, which is responsible for our motivation, emotions and behavior. This is why the aromatherapy can help release the stress.

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