Hibiscus Moon Face Cleanser

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hibiscus moon cleanser.jpg

Hibiscus Moon Face Cleanser


Great for normal, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin types. Devitalized, uneven, dull, acne, wrinkles, aging, age spots.

Hibiscus is an amazing superfood that keeps the skin radiant and supple. It contains natural citric and malic acids, antioxidants and mucilage ( mucilage is a substance produced by plants that help with the storage of water). This one of a kind cleanser gives any complexion a stunning, beautiful boost of luminosity and hydration.


  • hibiscus flower extract

  • hyaluronic acid

  • alpha lipoid acid - powerful antioxidant

  • hibiscus oil


Hibiscus Moon Face Cleanser is a wonderful, nutritious fruit that helps to encourage youthful appearance by supplying complexion with antioxidants. Essential fatty acid content helps with inflammation and naturally occurring in hibiscus acids help to slough of accumulated dead skin cells and bring radiance to the complexion. Skin looks vibrant, more even, youthful and plumped!

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