Skin Fuel For Men - Face Moisturizer

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Skin Fuel For Men - Face Moisturizer


Face Moisturizer great for normal, dry, sensitive and acne prone skin

This vitamin enriched moisturizer keeps the skin looking and feeling healthy. It’s consistency is thick, but sinks into the skin quickly. It is great after shaving, as Vetiver essential oil prevents from breakouts, very soothing, reduces inflammation and calm down the skin.


  • guava oil - rich in vitamins B, A and E. Fights premature aging process and boosts collagen. Keeps the skin well nourished and toned.

  • aloe gel - soothing, hydrating and antibacterial action

  • vetiver essential oil - is anti-aging tonic loaded with antioxidants and hydrating properties. Very soothing for the skin as well as calming the mind

  • olive butter - loaded with vitamins (A and D) deeply moisturize, protects and restores the skin


Men have thicker and more resilient skin, but their skin is prone to more dehydration and breakouts, because of the shaving process as well as after shaving products that dry the skin. This moisturizer has thicker consistency, but penetrates the skin quickly and help to rebalance the skin, sooth and deeply restore overall health to irritated skin.

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