GOSIA Holistic Beauty - Quality Formulas With Powerful Impact On Your Well-Being ! All Natural Beauty Product Line

Gosia Holistic Beauty was created with the intention to awaken beauty from the outside in and the inside out. This clean, natural, and holistic skincare line is made from the finest ingredients to support luminous, healthy skin and well being. High - grade elements from nature create a maximum impact bringing forth confidence and radiant beauty.

You may know Gosia from B.You Essentials, but she is proud to announce the launch of her new skincare line, Gosia Holistic Beauty.

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GOSIA Holistic Beauty location
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inside Awakening NY,
605 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11222

GOSIA from Latin and Greek language means pearl. Pearl were and are till today magical, mysterious and precious, and of course they symbolize beauty. Actually, from the whole gems family they are the most feminine gems. They come from the soil of the sea, the feminine element the symbolizes life, freedom, creation and beauty. And in my skincare products I use only the elements the nature gives us. 

The 5 most effective plant-based ingredients we use for luminous complexion:


Active Plant-Based Beauty Ingredients Trending in 2018, also in our products:

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