Manuka Face Exfoliant


Manuka Face Exfoliant


Great for any skin type

Use for exfoliation of the face and neck. Also perfect as a skin rejuvenating mask, 5-15 min. Helps with taking dead skin cells off the skin’s surface, healing for acne and cleansing impurities.

Manuka Honey 20+  heling to the skin, skin regeneration, collagen boosting, anti inflammatory, soothing, scars reduction, cleansing and brightening the skin

Cynamon  powerful antibacterial action

Frankincense Essential Oil  balancing oil, antiviral, antibacterial, helps to repair damaged skin, reduces enlarged pores,

Lavender Essential Oil balancing, skin regeneration properties, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, oil balancing

Sea Buckthorn Oil is high in vitamin A,B,C,E,P and K;  carotenoids, Omega 7 essential fatty acid, which  help with boosting skin elasticity, wrinkles, minimizing scars, strengthen capillary walls, repair damaged skin, great for eczemas, allergy and inflammation of the skin,  as well as gives the skin beautiful golden color


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